One auction method may not be best for all clients.  A key advantage of our business, is we take the time to learn about our client and their event.

This includes the key aspects of their event fundraising and their supporters, upon which provides the basis to recommend the best fundraising auction method and activities.

All our auctions can be supported by our professional team and include support services from Set-Up & Merchandising, Guest Support & Payments, Pack down & Logistics.

Electronic Bidding

  • World leading CUSTOM bidding platform for all your auction and fundraising needs
  • Full account management from concept to delivery
  • On-site and remote service management by our in-house team on event day
  • Fundraising landing page, custom event theming, About Us and Sponsor pages
  • Full analytical and customer reporting

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Bold Bids

  • Custom designed Silent Auction Bidding Catalogue ‘Auction Menu’
  • Guests place their ONE OFF bid per Auction Lot in their own Auction Menu
  • Guests often place a HIGH bid as they are asked to make their BOLDEST BID!
  • The Auction Menu is fully themed to your event, with pages detailing all silent auction lots and guest contact & payment information
  • All bidding is private, whilst equal or close bids allow for multiples of the same lots to be sold increasing donations further
  • Ideal for shorter events or events with a full program as guests bid from their seat at their leisure

          See our BOLD BIDS samples page here

Traditional Bidding

  • BID SHEETS are proven and still very effective
  • Open bidding is a great way to add competition and revelry amongst guests
  • Allows for guests to have a break, peruse the silent auction and bid
  • Simple and easy for guests to understand
  • Ideal to finish after the LIVE Auction for the last minute bidding rush

Live Auction

  • Cornerstone of each event where the real bidding takes place
  • Our team can support the entire process from auctioneer, spotting and payments
  • Gala Fundraising can provide experienced and engaging auctioneers to lift your bidding
  • We offer full digital and print resources for AV and merchandising at the event
  • We prepare detailed and concise Auctioneer Notes
  • We can introduce creative and proven methods to increase bidding and execute multiple sales