Whilst the majority of our clients entertain LIVE and SILENT AUCTIONs along with a RAFFLE, there are many other fundraising activities to engage your guests further, across differing levels of spend and support.

Limited Raffle

  • A Fixed priced Ticket with a LIMITED number of Tickets available
  • Ideal to sell pre-event in the foyer or via on-line leading into event
  • Custom signage and promotions staff available
  • Ideal to maximise your funds from our DONATED or SPONOSORED item
  • Has minimal affect on your standard ‘table’ raffle sales
  • Only ONE prize needed

Go Low Auction

  • Like a ‘game of chance’ when the winner in the LOWEST BIDDER*
  • Ideal to sell pre-event and at guest tables
  • Each guest nominates their bid/s and pays for the that bid/s
  • All bids remain private on entry form
  • Go-Low often earns more than the average raffle pool
  • Perfect for Golf Days and Sporting luncheons

*Lowest bid must be unmatched ie. no other equal bids the same.

Wine Wall or Raffle

  • Sell multiple bottles with one special bottle or entry winning a coveted prize
  • Sell each bottle for $20 to $50 each – limited bottles only
  • Can be a sponsored package with one of our wine partners

Auction Dollars

  • A $25 o $50 discount voucher distributed to all guests at their tables
  • Guests redeem the discount when they win a silent auction item/s*
  • Ideal to generate increased bidding participation
  • Have seen over 300% increase in silent auction sales at the same event from one year to the next
  • Giveaway AUCTION DOLLARS as a part of a raffle prize, promotion or competition
  • Suitable for School, Trivia Nights, Sporting Events and under 400 guest galas

*Each Auction Dollar Note can only be used for ONE auction lot

Table Upgrade

Auction & Competition
  • An Auction or Competition to increase the Food and / or Beverage service for a guest table
  • Guests can bid in an early auction to win a ‘TABLE UPGRADE’
  • Upgrades could be for Champagne, Premium Wine, Butler Service or other ideas.
  • You can also run a competition for each table to make a private offer – all offers must be in cash or card like a donation. The highest offer wins.
  • Pre-event you can run a competition for each guest to pay a small fee ie. $2, $5 or $10 if running an on-line auction. Draw a winner on the night and substantially increase your registered bidders!

More Fundraising Activities

Pledge Call

An MC or Auctioneer, may after the Live Auction, call for LIVE pledges from the ballroom.
Ideal to star requesting higher pledges and where possible acknowledge each table or individual pledge.

Elimination Sponsor Raffle

Ideal for events with multiple sponsors and VIP tables.
Each entrant pays $100 or even up to $1,000 to enter. Gradually throughout the event, names are drawn, and removed from the competition.
The last name remining wins up to 10 x their original entry fee.

Cash (Donation) Envelope

Each table is asked to contribute cash donations and place in an envelope.
The table with the highest contribution, will win DOUBLE their donation amount to keep.

Heads & Tails

Classic event ice-breaker and fun for guests at all styles of events.
Ideal early in your event with a prize suited for most.

Fixed Price Table

Allocate your lower value silent auction items to be purchased at a Fixed Price Table. Can be offered as a lucky dip or guest choice model.
Significantly reduces event administration and post event payment collection.

Stand Up Auction

A unique take on a LIVE AUCTION, where all guests stand, whilst the auctioneer calls increasing bids. Guests can sit at any time, whilst the last guest standing is the winner. Great opportunity to sell more than one of the same package to multiple guests and increase proceeds further.