Gala Fundraising have over 15 years

experience in the procurement, design and

production of memorabilia and framed items.

Our passion for sport, film, music, art and pop culture resonates in the curation and distinct themes of our designs. Our items provide our fundraising clients with auction sales regularly doubling and sometimes delivering up to 15 times the value of their starting price.

Sourcing items from here in Australia and across the globe, our network of dedicated and enthusiastic collectors & traders ensures we always have an enviable and varied catalogue for all types of fundraising events.


A stalwart for all forms of fundraising events.

Everyone has their favourite team, childhood idols and current day heroes.

  • Hand signed Guernseys, Boots, Jerseys and more from player agent signings and licensed vendors
  • International and Local stars
  • Limited runs of custom designs
  • Across many sporting codes past & present
  • Custom Framing for donated items


Hard to acquire and rare hand signed items along with classic tributes and original collectables.

Sourced from a combination of local signings, experienced US collector and a world leading auction house.

Almost everyone has their favourite actor or music star; a certainty for competitive bidding!

  • Hand signed guitars from some of music’s most influential artists
  • Classic tributes with printed autographs & original vinyl’s
  • Original Film posters up to 2m high inc. cinema classics, iconic stars along with vibrant and artistic B-Grade titles
  • Hand signed photos, instruments and prints all professionally presented


Authentic artefacts and quality prints of some of the world’s most revered and recognised artworks.

Exquisitely framed items perfect for any workplace or home.

  • Rare militaria, original cartoon and comic art
  • Pictorial tributes of some of histories most admired leaders and visionaries
  • Classic art from the renaissance, impressionist, contemporary to pop art era’s
  • A range of original and produced vintage European advertising prints across fashion, food and beverage art.


Incredible designs and ingenuity coupled with rare and original articles.

The world of superheroes has dominated the pop culture landscape for decades and we have an incredible range that speaks to the avid collector right through to the film franchise fan.

In addition, some bright and colourful modern lifestyle pop art prints

  • Our famous comic cases housing original 60’s/70’s/80’s comics across Marvel & DC in 3D themed picture frames
  • Hand signed items by comic icons such as Stan Lee
  • Rare comics from the 1940’s and 1950’s in special unique displays
  • Hand signed photos, figurines and other memorabilia of the superhero genre
  • Iconic art prints from the world of advertising and contemporary living