Our leadership have been supporting some of Australia’s most prestigious signature events since the early 2000’s right through to grassroots school and sporting club fundraisers.

This has broadened our knowledge base of successful ideas and concepts that can translate to your event.

We don’t implement a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to our clients. We learn about your event, its history and your supporters.

Combining our expertise and services with your goals and resources, we plan together to build an entire fundraising strategy that is complimentary and engaging.

Gala Fundraising’s hands on approach to supporting clients has opened up our awareness of event fundraising beyond auctions alone.

Sales & Consultancy

Some of the steps in our initial client engagement:

  • Learning about your event
  • Benefits and Experience of Gala Fundraising
  • Review past success and areas to improve
  • Recommendations for Fundraising model
  • Explore our shared resources for fundraising ideas and outcomes
  • Prepare and submit support proposal
  • Completion of your Booking Form to secure our services
  • Auction Items and Fundraising Activities allocations

Success Story

Our idea delivered over $24,000 from one item alone!

One of the most memorable fundraising outcomes for a non-Gala Fundraising auction package, was the recommendation for our client to auction off an item from one of their ambassadors. The item was a signed military hat. In a room of less than 400 guests, with some creative presentation by our client, it sold for an incredible $24,500.

Planning & Event Day

We’re often the first to arrive and the last to leave!

  • Establish timeline for Fundraising preparations
  • Auction Items and Fundraising Activities allocations
  • Plan & Document for Staff and Volunteer roles
  • Finalise Venue set-up, Logistics & Run Sheet
  • Review shared resources and tools
  • Merchandising and Administration support
  • Guest liaison, payments and Item collection

Post Event

The final steps to reviewing fundraising success

  • Detailed Reporting across all fundraising activities
  • Execute advice for remaining Customer Delivery & Collections
  • Updates on status of all payments and guests advice
  • Preparation of guest database
  • Issue full financial report and donation proceeds outcome
  • Event and Service review
  • Planning for your next event